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2019-07-31 Method of the usage of IM-BloomMaker custom scripts and the acquisition and substituted from $variable

Developer blogs
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Dejvi blog
2019-08-02 Process mining using the log of the intra-mart
2019-07-18 Measurement and visualization of low frequency sounds
2019-06-27 Utilized Python
2019-06-05 Introducing dejvidetechwood (temporary)
2019-05-31 Of intra-mart using KNIME log analysis -- 2 --

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Process mining using the log of the intra-mart

Hello, I'm Sekine of the digital Business Promotion Office (dejvi).
The process mining of the topic at present
Method to carry out process mining in a simple manner from the intra-mart log
Will be introduced.

And process mining??

And process mining
Actual task to visualize and analyze by numeric values or graph from the user behavior log
This is a method to improve work efficiency.
In the future
Business process executed by the robot (AI, RPA) by linkage to IM-BPM.
Below to sadiest of should perform many (process estimation)
Such as, which is the starting point for to connect to the automation of the process.

Goals in this article

This by using the transition log
I would like to visualize access log of the user of the intra-mart.
※Transition log screen transition log, so
Would be greatly is not enough result if you from the definition of the process mining
I considered as a start of the process mining.

Process mining using the log of the intra-mart

Reshaped log

First of all, in KNIME is on its way to becoming familiar with dziwiblog
Format the log of the intra-mart.

Specify transition log, CSV of preformatted will be output in execution.

CSV Import to the Tool

In this step, please use process mining tool called Disco.
CSV created in KNIME will be loaded into Disco.

When importing, and set the following:

Case: session ID
Activity: screen title
Resource: user code
Timestamp: log output time

Visualized by Disco

By using trantision log and flow such as screen transition diagram will appear on the screen.

I felt it would all the activities is displayed, and so
Extracts only main processes using techniques such as noise reduction.

As a key feature, I can see the IMBOX, schedule, IM mail!

Moreover, by Disco can be movement of the process see in the animation.

IMBOX is used at high speed, right…!
※Would result in ripped part of our company internal system log.


This by using the transition log
Can be checked in which time zone or access to which screen are concentrated could be.
For example, I will use it as a hint how to load for each screen in the case of the performance test of.

However, and that's all only screen transition so, it is possible to obtain large result is difficult as "process mining".
Combination with other than intra-mart log and transaction data and combination
Such as by filtering for each business
And to analyze the process of business and the user behavior will become possible.

Advance notice under the next time

Next time transaction data of IM-Workflow and IM-BPM
I would like to the article method to visualize in the Disco.

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Measurement and visualization of low frequency sounds

I'm Nice to meet you. dejvi forests.

Recently we moved to work (dejvi) new from other departments.

First impression, I thought that the place where something sound is a when it was entered in dejvifolia.

Senpai seemed not worry about it. (insensitive IS…)
Apparently doesn't seem to hear only a few people (people sensitive to low frequency?, delicate people).

There reader of dejvi appear, this recipe with nice words.
"OK, let us proved in data! dejvi such department, RIGHT?"

We set out to do liked data analysis.

Measuring equipment

First of all I made measuring equipment to collect data.

"precision" volume instrument is necessary to measure the sound difficult to hear
Consider a rental + analysis (visualization) is 100,000 yen,
I decided to create a while checking the sensitivity of the sensor on its own.

It looks big are significantly smaller and lighter.


And have measured contents, this recipe was found in senpai.

Of that people feel noisy seems to be defined as from 60 dB, it was over.
Has been senpai to say and guiafen!

There reader of dejvi appear, this recipe with nice words.
"OK, I'll talk to the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications! you may behave building management too!"

Investigation into the cause of the sound

Result, you come for survey to the building management company.

Investigation have been given to large-scale shall be open ceiling actually.
Cause by too many airflow from the air flows into a river living space
To the conclusion that vibration occurred was.

I will be looking after you adjust the air volume as a countermeasure.
As a side effect summer was may be hot? and.

There reader of dejvi appear, this recipe with nice words.
"ALRIGHT, let us into the data temperature and the discomfort index too!"

Temperature and the discomfort index

Was completed before entering the MANA!
The stylish visualization screen set it up in the center of the room, as well as the ability to monitor at any time.

Such as Near Real Time FFT analysis by influxDB, Grafana, python (sciPi)
Is best in various ways where you can't see.

Provides alert function using IM-LogicDesigner.

In the future down, I think that I would like to linked with an inexpensive cooling equipment.

Thank you for reading till the end. Thank you.

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Utilized Python

Hello. dejvi Ikuta.

Languages other than the Java language in recent and proceed PoC has been increasingly, for example, use Python.

Python logo

This Python

Python, and reasons to be used for personal is as follows:

■ Useful library is present in applications such as data analysis and machine learning, the image processing and RPA
(library group of the Pandas, Scikit-learn, Tesseract, Automagica, several other million or more)
■ Have various tools and the environment from omple to the cloud
(anaconda3, Cloud9, SageMaker such as)
■ Amount of information from the community, contests such as Kaggle as well as active

Python popular?

"Stack Overflow" Developers questionnaire, but Python like language, isn't it has been loved.

stack overflow

Is my around Python like.

Interacting API

In dejvi are verified to work iAP and something by using OSS as well.

Last fiscal year, case you want to use Python from IM-LogicDesigner there, I'd like to introduce APIs that can work seamlessly vaguely by using OSS.

Extraction of the related word using Example: natural language processing

Has been using Python in administration of search engine called Fess.

Is performing automated maintenance such as similar or connected keyword analysis documents data.


This time, it has realized by performing Python process of the main below from the script definition of IM-LogicDesigner.
・Crawl of the document data
・Transfer in the model file
・Various analytical (prediction)
・Update of Fess setting (setting washing)

Has been also to maintenance can be managed in BPM side.


As other cases, such as forecast. Also will introduce you if I have a chance.


Cases introduced uses API wrapping OSS.

API, situation to be used for personal is either one of the following.
■ Case a little bit of you want to use Python code from the script development and JavaEE development model
■ Case a little bit of you want to use Python code from the script definition of IM-LogicDesigner
■ Case you want to Componentization on the extended programming IM-LogicDesigner Python code
■ Case to be embedded in the other Java application

Definitely interested if you have, please refer to the following sample.
API sample. zip

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Introducing dejvidetechwood (temporary)

Hello, I'm Sekine of the digital Business Promotion Office (dejvi).

This time, we introduce one function that are internal verified by research and development.

Will become the function to be used as BI tools intra-mart portal screen.

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Of intra-mart using KNIME log analysis -- 2 --

Hello, I'm Sekine of the digital Business Promotion Office (dejvi).
In continuation from the last time, is introduced method of log analysis of intra-mart.


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