2018-08-01 Accel series 2018 Summer is released.
2018-04-01 Accel series 2018 spring has been released.
2018-03-30 I collected technical information that there are many query support.
2017-12-01 Accel series 2017 winter was released.
2017-08-01 Accel series 2017 Summer is released.

2018-08-02 Using screen item of standard to realize "back to top" button
2018-08-01 By using IM-LogicDesigner, delete the Confirm Person of IM-Workflow is complete matter
2018-08-01 By using IM-LogicDesigner and re-expand process target user of unprocessed jobs matter for IM-Workflow
2018-08-01 How to at a specific flow particular node, you want to add any process target user for the matter for during processing
2018-07-31 How to embed calculation result to the URL of the header of ViewCreator or link to be placed in the footer
2018-07-31 By using IM-LogicDesigner and archives the completed matter for specific flow after certain amount of time passes application date
2018-07-31 How to communication by using of IMBox chat in process screen of IM-BIS
2018-07-31 How to the contents of the contents screen created in IM-BIS is to be output as PDF by IM-PDF Designer
2018-07-31 How to create flow to be re-expand process target user of the send back destination node
2018-07-10 How to use IM-LogicDesigner and add any viewers in arrive process of IM-Workflow

Developer blogs
2018-06-26 "takamatsu shopping" Introducing digitization examples of
2018-06-12 For stable operation of Resin is used
2018-03-01 Apply the image to the EWS2017 "business immediately gushes!  Introducing magic Business Logic creation tool 'IM-LogicDesigner' practical case the Sanbon-shobu (10 point! "lecture contents
2017-09-01 Toward the realization of Non-disruptive deploy
2017-07-26 Introducing Session Management Module

Dejvi blog
2018-09-27 Smart speaker and iAC linkage
2018-09-11 On smart card "kodomo stamp rally"
2018-08-29 How to make ice button
2018-08-07 "takamatsu shopping" Introducing ~ digitization examples of the 2 ~
2018-07-25 Will start dziwiblog

* Lesson/developer blogs, is outside the scope of support of intra-mart customer support services.

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Smart speaker and iAC linkage

Is Sekine of the digital Business Promotion Office (dejvi).
This time, we introduce linkage of intra-mart and smart speaker.


Function called "message memo" in intra-mart Accel Collaboration.

It is convenient to use a note, etc. at the time of there was a telephone call from the customer when you are away.

However, forget to confirm the message memo….

For such an occasion, so I tried making it, if there is a function to the presence or absence of message memo and read from the smart the speaker.


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On smart card "kodomo stamp rally"

Hello, I'm Takamatsu of the digital business promotion office.

The other day, "for kids company open days" of the company.
Because heterochromatin dejvi was also little program, I'd like to introduce.

Put is a "kodomo stamp rally" using smart cards.


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How to make ice button

Hello, I'm Takamatsu of the digital business promotion office.

For IoT button introduced last received that "would like you to tell me how to make" so, let me introduce you to.

The configuration

First, I'm going to write structure of ice button.

Call Lambda from AWS IoT 1-Click is a mechanism to call IM-LogicDesigner in the message posting for through REST.
Let's by looking at how to make it.

Purchased First Enterprise button

At any rate, let's purchased Enterprise button.
As by mistake does not buy a regular dash button.

Setting of AWS IoT 1-Click

Button when you get it on hand, let's device registered in "IoT 1-Click".
"enterprise button" If you search the, there are several ways sites that are explained from the device registration until Lambda execution of sample, please refer to it.

This time, might increase tension and repapering to the self-created button label.

The original label is a little hard, it is possible to remove such as destination of the cutter.

Creation of rojadza

First of all, let's make rojadza that can be message posting to IMBox through REST.

Flow would be simple as shown below.

Posting destination and message contents, you want to be able to set in REST, and so the input/output set as shown below.

"posting to the group box" Double click the task to map as shown below.

And then make the routing setting for the flow created.
Should be set to receive REST at POST.

Will be Authorization to guest users.

Who really neat authentication is good, it cannot be only message posting is without authentication.

With this, the application that can be posted message to the arbitrary IMBox thread through REST could be.

Creation of Lambda

Next, you will create a Lambda to call rojadza was made.
Runtime has been and Python3.6.

Source are as follows:

In order to use requests the Python with the Lambda, it is necessary to requests module be uploaded in zip along with the executable.
For the method, and also be searched will come out in various ways, so is eliminated.

Posting destination or message contents of IMBox that is to be passed to the rojadza, without hard coded in the Lambda to be specified from "placement" of IoT 1-Click.
(however, because the honest testability, first I think hard-coded in Lambda)

Setting of placement

When you are ready to execute Lambda of the sample from a button, let's placement settings in the message for transmission.

Even if you use project that he created in the sample, you can new rebuild the project.

Description of each item is as follows:
User ID of the intra-mart to be userCd: message posting
BoxCd of IM-Box of boxCd: message posting destination (described later)
ThreadId of IM-Box of threadId: message posting destination (described later)
Message of message: button is pressed (single-click)
Message messageL: button is pressed (double click or press)

UserCd and boxCd, and do the settings shown below.
Please confirm open threads in the message posting destination.

Operations Confirmation

Once you have set up your all, let's operation confirmation by pressing a certain key.
Single-click, as well as by double clicking (or long press) change message.

At the end

Not only Lambda or IoT 1-Click, but I think you that you were where can be produced very REST API easily IM-LogicDesigner.

This time it was message posting, you can schedule registration and workflow application in the same way, and.

Definitely, but based on I make this interesting functions.

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"takamatsu shopping" Introducing ~ digitization examples of the 2 ~

Hello, I'm Takamatsu of the digital business promotion office.

For digitization of Takamatsu shopping, I am pleased to introduce in continuation of last time.

Made ice button

At Takamatsu shopping, ice are also available for purchase at 100 yen.

However, replenishment cannot catch up with because of the recent heat wave.
Full freezer ice is set to "empty in 4 days.

As an aside, by INTRAMART CORPORATION is very popular chocolate Monaka Jumbo. (really digression)

When I am in the office is a look at how frequently, since NOW YOUR outside resident, immediately will be empty and pall.
Moreover, inventory camera introduced in the earlier articles is also not known until the freezer.

Made there is a "ice dash button".
If sold on Amazon's site, isn't it?

When you press the button, the message fly to IMBox in the following manner.

Is a simple mechanism, it is very effective to be out of stock prevention!

By configuration it should look like this.

Lambda a few lines of code and dialog boxes is realized in the flow of IM-LogicDesigner.

As it can be made, depending on ideas, I think I can use it in many different places.

Crowdsourcing operation support system

"article is the who do??"

My outside resident determined, was the most important task.
Takamatsu shopping is a so-called odd business cannot be maintained, and it still does not maintenance once in a while.

"crowdsourcing" And it is a little exaggerated, the task commercialized operation of Takamatsu stores, we have been operating mechanism to help in return for small.

"task" of Takamatsu shopping there are mainly 3.
(1) Shelf stocking at a product
(2) Deliver the items
(3) Bento payment

Since even if all project is lower than 30 minutes, I try to our support in lunch time and skimmer time.

That are now used in the management of this daily task is "IM-Spreadsheet"!

In this way should state the daily tasks contents is a mechanism to put your name in advance to the person who our support.

Management whether paid thank, check on the spreadsheet.

If you use IM-Spreadsheet, It's nice that such management tool is very easy to make.
Incidentally, time it took to make this management sheet is only 30 minutes. the highest EUC tool, isn't it?

3 months since you resident started
This operation support system, Takamatsu shopping is can continue working.

Somehow together

Who introduce to this "button" also "spreadsheet" also is a simple one Technically, we were able to obtain a large effect by a simple mechanism by devising.

Surely this way of thinking, I think it is the key element even considering the digitization of business.

Your business reform, even in a small hint is greatly appreciated!

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Will start dziwiblog

I'm Ikuta I was transferred to the digital business promotion office (dejvi).
From now on, I'd like to introduce our research contents as a contact's blog dejvi.

In dziwiblog, we will introduce to contents that we're working on every day.
Research department so that can fail, and it's also results. I think I would like to disseminate contents an exciting, thank you very much!

This first time, so I'd like to introduce dejvi.

Digital business Promotion Department and its mission

Dejvi to pursue your business digital business and is a research and development troops technical validation and proof of concept to implement with the Customer.

Together with to implement solve problems of customer to test and extraction of elemental technology which is the core or HP-UX is responsible also served as, these results are fed back to the intra-mart.
Moreover, in order to carry out the measures for the first time in the future trends and challenges up and sometimes to study solutions beyond the framework of intra-mart products.

Fiscal 2017 PoC such as has been more than 20 implemented with RPA or AI, block-chain, technical validation and research such as OCR.
Fiscal 2018 further in order to promote solving customer challenges continues to solutions that make use the latest technology development and research.

… and the contents of a catalog丸パク、Cited, so I got a bit formal
Dejvi, the idea to your business can make a difference in digital technology looking for daily is the department that was found ideas to verify with the customer!

Situation in which the current efforts

Little, we will introduce the details of our effort current.

Is one of contents which wrestled at present is called "way of working reform dashboard".

Is a mechanism to visualize in real time log data accumulated by using intra-mart products and RPA.
Further, prediction value of future calculated by the AI is eligible for the display. (of bar graph in the following video dotted line is forecast value. is a little plain)

Like video can be placed graph as portlet of intra-mart.

Is still under development, input data on the graph, it is made so that can be set in mapping IM-LogicDesigner.

Currently use this dashboard, and customers are also verified practicality.

Moreover progress if you have We'll report!


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