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Introducing the session management module

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In this article, I'll introduce to session management module that was released in the 2017 Spring.
Moreover, how to use session management module in the version from 2014 Spring to 2016 Winter also Please let me introduce myself.


Session management module is a function that performs session management in intra-mart Accel Platform without using session management function of application server.
Setup Guide - 11. Appendix - 11.5. session management module

This function is available from 2017 Spring.


In intra-mart Accel Platform supports the following 3 application server in the 2017 Spring time.
- Resin
- WebSphere Application Server
- Oracle WebLogic Server

In this, Resin from customers, it had been queries from the internal database destroyed depending on the load status of amount of data and the machine of the session.
FAQ: Resin "exit reason: It will restart in HEALTH (exit code=9) ".

On the other hand, avoid means you disable session persistence mechanism for the problem that the internal database destroyed.
And using this workaround, because there would not retained in the internal database session information, the access frequency to the internal database can be significantly decreased.
By this, you can greatly reduce the internal database destroyed possibility.
However, since the restriction that is persistence the session and failover does not occur, customer cannot use this workaround went too.

Therefore, we have made the decision to provide the unique session management mechanism containing them functions as persistence the session and failover can be used disabling a session persistence mechanism of Resin.

How to Use

By utilizing the session management module, you can be made permanent by session and failover disabling a session persistence mechanism of Resin.

2017 In case of Spring or later

For the usage, please refer to Setup Guide.
Setup Guide - 11. Appendix - 11.5. session management module

2014 In case of from Spring 2016 Winter or before

For the usage, please refer to "installation method" described in the readme.txt included in the


There are some limitations so please ensure to review the following document in case of using the session management module.
- Release Note - 8. limitations - 8.2.15. session management

Session management module, the persistence session to the database.
If you do the setting of persistence, there may be read/write occurs in the request each database, and it is necessary to perform it Tuning the Database depending on the operations environment.
Moreover, if the archive log is enabled, there is a possibility that the archive log of the database product is outputted in large quantities.

Change history of


Version Note
1.0.3 It will be called multiple times listener at the time of invalidate in issue:29260 session management module.
1.0.2 Reduces the resources that would be used by the issue:28968 session management module session reaper.
1.0.1 Session timeout occurs at the timing Unexpected issue:26035 session management module is used.
1.0.0 Sharing


Version Note
1.0.2 To improve the performance of process to be loaded from the persistence destination session information in issue:28899 session management module.
Reduces the resources that would be used by the issue:28968 session management module session reaper.
1.0.1 To improve the import process of issue:27344 configuration file.
1.0.0 Sharing

At the end

For session management module easily, this recipe became introduce to.
You want to implement measures for the problem of Resin in your internal database corruption, please use customers who want to collateral persistence or failover of the session.

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