How to management of IM-FormaDesigner application to the category unit

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In this Cookbook we will introduce new application list of IM-FormaDesigner available from intra-mart Accel Platform 2019 Summer.
In a new application list, you can set a category to the application.
In this article I'll show you how to set the category to the application.

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  1. If you display the application list, application list categorized by category will be output.
  2. In Forma user who created the user is displayed only category access authority has been granted.


  1. Create category.
  2. Register application to the category. (example 1)
  3. Grant access authority to the category. (example 2)

Be classified application in Example 1: category units.

By registering application to the category, you can manage in function, department, etc.
For example, if Working related applications Setting Access Authority by registering it in the "working management" category is allowed to edit of the application that only specific Forma creator has been granted access.

1. Create category.

The creation of IM-FormaDesigner category.

Can be created of the category only by the users having the rights Forma application creation manager.

2. Register application to the category.

Select the application you want to add to the category, please register.

3. To check contents of settings.

Can be confirmed that the application that you have added to the generated by the category is displayed.

To grant create Example 2: In category units.

Can be granted access privileges for each category in IM-FormaDesigner.
Will be able to grant access privileges by the user, role, organization, public group unit, it is possible to be set in a flexible access privileges.
Here, settings are carried out so that the user who belongs to "internal Affairs and Communications department" can manage "working management" related application.

1. To modify category.

Select organization (or user/Role/Public group) you want to grant privileges, and save it.

2. To check contents of settings.

Can now edit/add in the category application only the user given access permissions.

Sample example of a new application list of IM-FormaDesigner presented in this article.
Leverage please category function that much more comfortable can manage application.





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