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Hello, I'm Sekine of the digital Business Promotion Office (dejvi).

This time, we introduce one function that are internal verified by research and development.

Will become the function to be used as BI tools intra-mart portal screen.


IM-LogicDesigner as an ETL tool
Data to be registered from the various functions of the intra-mart and the aggregate log data
Is reshaped as a data to dashboard view.

Is reshaped data receive in the portlet, and display the graph.
Can also be passed as well as links information the graphs and the graph
To drill down applied is possible.

Types of graphs that can be displayed

1. Highcharts graph
Graph that can be represented in version of H ighcharts which is included in intra-mart can be displayed.
Here Highcharts demo (※)
※May differ from the version by the Highcharts demonstration site and Highcharts that can be used in intra-mart.
2. List table
List table is used jqGrid can be displayed.

By using this function…?!

For example, by using data of IM-Workflow chart shown below can be made.
・Where node that are stuck now is awaiting approval Whose
※In case of node user who exceeds the standard residence time is displayed in red.

・What the many Send Back node, they are or who do (to anyone) remanded

・Number of application at this point how
※Can be confirmed status of monthly display and this time.

For example, by using data of IM-BPM chart shown below can be made.
・Against the SLA (Service Level Agreement) base, whether the task to present state

・As of BPM task is completed and start/has not been started how much is

・Daily of the task amount x for each user stacked work time.
☆ For the future performed forecasts in machine learning, prediction task amount light-colored, forecast work is represented by a dotted line.

At the end

Used this time was data of intra-mart
By the data acquired from other systems, load/read in IM-LogicDesigner
Also Siphon data other than the intra-mart is possible.
By dashboard display information stored in the various systems
Can be visualized status of the business.

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