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Process mining using the log of the intra-mart

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Hello, I'm Sekine of the digital Business Promotion Office (dejvi).
The process mining of the topic at present
Method to carry out process mining in a simple manner from the intra-mart log
Will be introduced.

And process mining??

And process mining
Actual task to visualize and analyze by numeric values or graph from the user behavior log
This is a method to improve work efficiency.
In the future
Business process executed by the robot (AI, RPA) by linkage to IM-BPM.
Below to sadiest of should perform many (process estimation)
Such as, which is the starting point for to connect to the automation of the process.

Goals in this article

This by using the transition log
I would like to visualize access log of the user of the intra-mart.
※Transition log screen transition log, so
Would be greatly is not enough result if you from the definition of the process mining
I considered as a start of the process mining.

Process mining using the log of the intra-mart

Reshaped log

First of all, in KNIME is on its way to becoming familiar with dziwiblog
Format the log of the intra-mart.

Specify transition log, CSV of preformatted will be output in execution.

CSV Import to the Tool

In this step, please use process mining tool called Disco.
CSV created in KNIME will be loaded into Disco.

When importing, and set the following:

Case: session ID
Activity: screen title
Resource: user code
Timestamp: log output time

Visualized by Disco

By using trantision log and flow such as screen transition diagram will appear on the screen.

I felt it would all the activities is displayed, and so
Extracts only main processes using techniques such as noise reduction.

As a key feature, I can see the IMBOX, schedule, IM mail!

Moreover, by Disco can be movement of the process see in the animation.

IMBOX is used at high speed, right…!
※Would result in ripped part of our company internal system log.


This by using the transition log
Can be checked in which time zone or access to which screen are concentrated could be.
For example, I will use it as a hint how to load for each screen in the case of the performance test of.

However, and that's all only screen transition so, it is possible to obtain large result is difficult as "process mining".
Combination with other than intra-mart log and transaction data and combination
Such as by filtering for each business
And to analyze the process of business and the user behavior will become possible.

Advance notice under the next time

Next time transaction data of IM-Workflow and IM-BPM
I would like to the article method to visualize in the Disco.

-Dejvi blog



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