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Hello. dejvi Ikuta.

Languages other than the Java language in recent and proceed PoC has been increasingly, for example, use Python.

Python logo

This Python

Python, and reasons to be used for personal is as follows:

■ Useful library is present in applications such as data analysis and machine learning, the image processing and RPA
(library group of the Pandas, Scikit-learn, Tesseract, Automagica, several other million or more)
■ Have various tools and the environment from omple to the cloud
(anaconda3, Cloud9, SageMaker such as)
■ Amount of information from the community, contests such as Kaggle as well as active

Python popular?

"Stack Overflow" Developers questionnaire, but Python like language, isn't it has been loved.

stack overflow

Is my around Python like.

Interacting API

In dejvi are verified to work iAP and something by using OSS as well.

Last fiscal year, case you want to use Python from IM-LogicDesigner there, I'd like to introduce APIs that can work seamlessly vaguely by using OSS.

Extraction of the related word using Example: natural language processing

Has been using Python in administration of search engine called Fess.

Is performing automated maintenance such as similar or connected keyword analysis documents data.


This time, it has realized by performing Python process of the main below from the script definition of IM-LogicDesigner.
・Crawl of the document data
・Transfer in the model file
・Various analytical (prediction)
・Update of Fess setting (setting washing)

Has been also to maintenance can be managed in BPM side.


As other cases, such as forecast. Also will introduce you if I have a chance.


Cases introduced uses API wrapping OSS.

API, situation to be used for personal is either one of the following.
■ Case a little bit of you want to use Python code from the script development and JavaEE development model
■ Case a little bit of you want to use Python code from the script definition of IM-LogicDesigner
■ Case you want to Componentization on the extended programming IM-LogicDesigner Python code
■ Case to be embedded in the other Java application

Definitely interested if you have, please refer to the following sample.
API sample. zip

-Dejvi blog


  1. Norio Takeuchi Than:

    Those who can use the module python from iAP makes me happy.
    Especially, Numpy included in the anaconda, I would like to utilizing the modules such as pandas.
    The following description can be found in the readme, and use "as" tool duty, but what kind of use it?

    "used as a duty tool such as used as a data analysis by: Anacond-WinPython is not intended”

    • imdeveloper Than:

      Takeuchi Norio Mr.

      Thank you for your comment.

      Sample has been created on the assumption of intra-mart developers.
      In that you need to use in development use, it was stated in readme.

      It depends on the situation, from the viewpoint of data analysis, repetitive code change, and work to analyze while checking the result is assumed.
      In such a situation way the tool such as "Jupyter Notebook" or "winPython", then it would UI and function has a substantial number of good usability.

      While at the same time from the viewpoint of intra-mart developers work to create a function under the functional requirements/specifications finished to some extent is assumed. For example, then it would tossed with incorporated libraries such as Numpy, pandas right when you create a part in script development and JavaEE Development, LogicDesigner, etc.

      Is or more.
      Thank you very much.



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