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Measurement and visualization of low frequency sounds

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I'm Nice to meet you. dejvi forests.

Recently we moved to work (dejvi) new from other departments.

First impression, I thought that the place where something sound is a when it was entered in dejvifolia.

Senpai seemed not worry about it. (insensitive IS…)
Apparently doesn't seem to hear only a few people (people sensitive to low frequency?, delicate people).

There reader of dejvi appear, this recipe with nice words.
"OK, let us proved in data! dejvi such department, RIGHT?"

We set out to do liked data analysis.

Measuring equipment

First of all I made measuring equipment to collect data.

"precision" volume instrument is necessary to measure the sound difficult to hear
Consider a rental + analysis (visualization) is 100,000 yen,
I decided to create a while checking the sensitivity of the sensor on its own.

It looks big are significantly smaller and lighter.


And have measured contents, this recipe was found in senpai.

Of that people feel noisy seems to be defined as from 60 dB, it was over.
Has been senpai to say and guiafen!

There reader of dejvi appear, this recipe with nice words.
"OK, I'll talk to the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications! you may behave building management too!"

Investigation into the cause of the sound

Result, you come for survey to the building management company.

Investigation have been given to large-scale shall be open ceiling actually.
Cause by too many airflow from the air flows into a river living space
To the conclusion that vibration occurred was.

I will be looking after you adjust the air volume as a countermeasure.
As a side effect summer was may be hot? and.

There reader of dejvi appear, this recipe with nice words.
"ALRIGHT, let us into the data temperature and the discomfort index too!"

Temperature and the discomfort index

Was completed before entering the MANA!
The stylish visualization screen set it up in the center of the room, as well as the ability to monitor at any time.

Such as Near Real Time FFT analysis by influxDB, Grafana, python (sciPi)
Is best in various ways where you can't see.

Provides alert function using IM-LogicDesigner.

In the future down, I think that I would like to linked with an inexpensive cooling equipment.

Thank you for reading till the end. Thank you.

-Dejvi blog



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