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"takamatsu shopping" Introducing IoT example of

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Hello. I Takamatsu of the digital business Business Promotion Office.

"digital business Business Promotion Office" Provides verification of business into by utilizing the new elemental technologies such as IoT or AI, RPA.
This, we will introduce to IoT application example unusual of our company.


First of all, everyone, Do you know "takamatsu shopping"?
People who do not know, it is recommended that you have a look through this Takamatsu shopping introduced article!

Is "service that sell drinks and snacks in the company" Briefly introduce Takamatsu shopping.
As name, I operations.

Of you want to hair-band is the "takamatsu shopping" inventory Automatic check automatic ordering system using IoT and RPA.

At Takamatsu shopping. At present, the ones around 150 points sells on the 1.
I'm sold on stock cart (frequently bucket at the supermarket) to make it easier to refilled goods, because the inventory of the cart full as well as the empty about 1 weeks, often out of stock has occurred.

"these are no longer only automatic ordering!" Is The origin of the project with the mind.

"try like this!" Has been made system construction in the street light laver.

Here is a stock carts has in stock beverage inventory of Takamatsu shopping.

Is about this really will be empty in 4 days.

In this stock cart, weight sensor and image sensors installed, as well as the ability to check stock.
(has a weight sensor to the image sensor and the lower part at the top of the picture)

Sensor linkage function

Weight sensor is here.

Well, it's As you can see, scale.
Weight sensor customized scale was created successfully. is described later again to the weight sensor.

Information acquired from the weight sensor can be checked by intra-mart as shown below.

"stacked weight of the weight sensor each" to at the top left of the portlet is displays the current weight on the upper right.
(in AWS on the server, the chart valley may be for night has been stopped)

Weight, in my Max are to be about 200 Kg.
Surprisingly, you'll get accurate to can recognize took the plastic bottle of 500 ml.

Image sensor it should look like this.

Have been repurposing smart phone to dispose in screen damaged.

The obtained image data is sent to the intra-mart online storage via 1 once every 1 hours.
Information acquired from the image sensor is able to check the Forma screen.

From this screen, check the stock image, and can be inventory check by image analysis.
By the image analysis is quantify free space (area of the green part of the picture) the stock.

Image processing is executed by calling openCV from IM-LogicDesigner.

Automation by RPA

In this system using RPA (robotic process automation) are also automate business.
Check the screen from earlier, regular check to the robot are automation wanted to flow "purchase request workflow" at the time of decreased inventory quantity.

How to check the inventory RPA, for example Example 39-7.
The following operations instead of people is running, the previously recorded movements, RPA will automatically run.

Is to display the screen for demo video, there are no that I usually see screen because it is running RPA periodically from the job scheduler of intra-mart.

Mechanism RPA called from intra-mart, using IM-LogicDesigner.

Processing flow is executed from the screen or job scheduler can only be set on the GUI.
Really logic designer is convenient.

In a similar way, using RPA automates the also wanted to purchase basic items from the net supermarket.
Oshorei if large order is on its own, I try to put approve my in between.
Flow like this. It is a very simple.

In this way, if you use RPA, It's nice that it can be easily automated daily routine work.
Hassle is no longer required, but, I felt better reforms that work.

By IM-RPA recently released, because they can also be called RPA from intra-mart, most could be automated with no coding.
For IM-RPA, please refer here

System Configuration

Now, following is the outline of this system.

Each sensor to support system is as follows:

(1) Weight sensor
Is a mechanism to measure the weight of the stock cart, this to make inexpensive weight sensor has been realized by customization (?) weight scale.

Here a weight scale under development.

"WHY scale?" Who seemed to be the!
Even though only the world which is in IoT, a weight sensor that can be used for commonly used, is the situation. (even if it is very expensive)

That means, you can only be available on its own, but the weight sensor made by assembling from the load cell, you need a professional skills.

Scale is a translation for natural is firmly can also integrated and give it a weight sensor by simply replaced platform part! that the load cell has a 4.
Weight scale, 4 purchased that are sold for 1,000 yen in a shopping site has been converted into a weight sensor.

This is how on the stock cart.

Pretty surreal picture, isn't it? I like this personally.

Weight information measured Here, the digital conversion in ADC immediately sent to the icon on top RaspberryPi is sent to the intar-mart in REST from razepam.

Go Ahead If you're interested in the specifications of here.
Incidentally, When customization of the weight scale, since I had a hard time about is not large enough Here, I'd like to introduce again on another time.

(2) Image sensor
Compared to the weight sensor, or easily, has been implemented in with off-the-shelf device.
Fixed screen cracking smart phone on smart phone arm, it just Interval Shooting on smart phone application.
The photographed image is a system that automatically synchs with intra-mart server in online storage.

Have been devised and software.

Don't you think it is good this screen?
Before automatic ordering to the RPA, I will make the final check on this screen.
From the image data list, you can obtain image of the past, but how can inventories decreased or together with the weight data, and can significantly know exactly.

At the end

Is automatic ordering system was constructed luck, initially operate frequently out-of-stock application came check very or application or no come at the time of out of stock.

However, such problems are also, by adjusting the parameter, while the operation, but now largely automatically has done operations.

A little large-scale, it is possible to worry about the daily inventory checks, realizing that the load of work has decreased with certainty.
Anywhere needs think there is something solution that automates the inventory quantity managed by weight and image analysis.
A mechanism would love to recommended to the distribution industry and retail industry.

This Takamatsu shopping computerized ordering system is products at the moment RPA the order fixed, so I would like to choose products to order in Forma find free.
Again we will introduce to if you can.

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