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"takamatsu shopping" Introducing digitization examples of

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Hello, I'm Takamatsu of the digital business promotion office.

This, we will introduce to About digitization of Takamatsu shopping.
(person who do not know Takamatsu shopping, please follow the instructions on this article!)

Status of the Takamatsu shopping

1 years I've after the previous article, Takamatsu shopping for energetic is operated even now.

Summarizes what happened in the last 1 years, and
In June 2017 e-money support
In November 2017 Toyosu branch opening!
Management support system deployment with the April 2018 external resident

Called event.
There was various has posted steady sales.

Last November, cumulative sales exceeded 10 million yen for 3 years and 9 months from the opening.
1 for 100 yen, and sold 100000 surprising, isn't it?

Based on the situation given above event, I would like to the article various, this time, I'd like to introduce about Toyosu branch.

Toyosu branch opening!

In November of last year, could be branch of Takamatsu shopping!
According to the intra-mart opened satellite offices in Toyosu, I opened Toyosu branch Takamatsu stores as well.

This state of Toyosu branch
Used for PET bottles cold case, it will be the snack shelves.

Cold case of the PET bottle, I thought that I would like to buy all the way, I finally able to be realized.

Number of satellite offices is about 50.
First day it was about 1,000 yen. Recently, there are date more than 6,000 yen.

Head office (akasaka), you can pay in cash, the branches collection of cash is not possible, it has been possible to pay with electronic money.

Watermelons and corresponds to the nanaco, iD, Edy, Apple Pay, I try to use the convenient everyone.
Detail entertained will show you again.

Inventory status camera system introduced

Of immediately came out business, is a problem that "do not know the status of the inventory!".
For, since I have little stop at Toyosu office, I can't understand what is sold.
Here does not know status of initial. sales, but it ended up in overstock…

Made there, this is a network camera system.
To razepam, we put a camera devices, and network for Sora, making them available to be supplied only the power supply.

Camera system by smartphone which has been used in head office (akasaka) Incidentally, cannot be security used in Toyosu branch reluctantly is send a photo over the WAN.

Is natural (?), communication fee Sora com private, I to reduce the amount of communication as much as possible.
1 once every 1 hours images taken with the camera sent to Gmail.

Here is a picture data to razepam daily send us.

Razepam earlier, I will periodically send photo mail.

By image analysis in order to suppress the communication cost, when the dark I try not to the transmitted image.
(for automatic ordering and inventory alert by image analysis is currently being investigated)

Moreover, IoT Shippoku have been maintenance so it can also be remotely.
Is able to make the instructions to the razepam using Gmail.

Operations can be made very easily, but it is OK just with only need to reply to mail that razepam sends you.

  • Reseat send pictures sending a blank e-mail -> latest
  • To send mail and GET -> configuration file
  • To reflect the configuration file of the mail and PUT -> attachments.
  • To SHUTDOWN -> restart

Gmail account for the free, running costs monthly only communication fees of Sora. com.
Transmission interval of the photo is made to 1 once every 2 hours, it can be operated in 150 yen every month.
Inventory check system that you can cook it easily by serverless, I recommend!

Users who technical mechanism にご interested, please follow the instructions on this document. (I would like to introduce very, very longer is eliminated in this article)
Takamatsu shopping Toyosu monitor development

Remaining next time!

Items of electronic money service and, I would like to introduce also has introduced a system where the crowdsourcing, to help head office operations today, so I think I was a little longer this you want to up to this point.

The article in the near future, so please look forward to!

-Dejvi blog, Development blog


  1. [...] For digitization of Takamatsu shopping, I am pleased to introduce in continuation of last time. [...]


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