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I collected technical information that there are many query support.

Asking use of the previous browser supported by Agenda 1. client browsers or previous version products and measures of the screen corrupted by updates of the browser, such as 2. server Resi…

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How to validation message of the screen UI components (imuiValidate) be displayed on any location

In this lesson, we will show how to validation message of the screen UI components to be displayed in any location. in intra-mart Accel Platform, the UI components… placed on the screen

How to respond may not be displayed only person logged in to the schedule

In this lesson provides information on the remarks of previous to be used "intra-mart Accel Collaboration" schedule function. by customer "intra-mart Accel Col…

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To set up intra-mart application

In this lesson, we will show how to state can use the application set up intra-mart Accel Collaboration. at the end of the recipe, actually intra-mart…

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To create a calendar that you set will holidays or company

In this Cookbook, is introduced on how to leverage calendar that you set holidays or scheduled your own. tenant administrator can create the calendar, and maintenance. Additionally, you can set the default calendar of the tenant…

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To commute to create and run the job

In this lesson, how to create a job by the following development model and we will introduce how to regular is executed at the time that is specified job was made./Script Development Model and JavaEE Development Model di Whichever model…

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CSRF Measures in script development (form tag Edition)

And Cross Site Request Forgery (CSRF), invalid HTTP request to send to the Reader is the attack technique to execute the intended process of attacker. In this lesson, script open…

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Import method of the project, which has been downloaded from lesson

In this lesson, is introduced on the module project of e Builder has been downloaded from other lesson import and import the project, the project settings of…

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Display a confirmation dialog (confirm) on the screen

How to display confirmation dialog (imuiConfirm) on the screen. as shown in the following image when "confirmation dialog is a function to check if operation you have chosen really is executed. confirmation dialog…

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How to display an indicator (loading icon) on the screen

How to display an indicator when arbitrary process is introduced here. an indicator, (be under loading) are displayed in a screen that it is currently being arbitrary processings by using icon.… By using an indicator, any

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