"IM-ContentsSearch" List

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IM-ContentsSearch content registration task using example of IM-LogicDesigner

In this lesson, we will show examples of use of IM-ContentsSearch content registration task of IM-LogicDesigner. In Matter end process of workflow created in IM-BIS, the screen items…

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In IM-ContentsSearch "fuzzy search"

Recently, case studies of IM-ContentsSearch has been increasing are may receive questions such as the following have been increasing. Is it possible "fuzzy search" in Q:IM-ContentsSearch. Example…

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iCEC2011 IM-ContentsSearch

Lecture documents in "intra-mart Certified Evangelist Conference 2011 (iCEC2011) " held at 4/26 and public. IM-ContentsSearch…

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Have been 4 Solr study meeting release details

Qing (because) of the Development Headquarters. held in 11/19 are the materials for the 4 Solr study session. product introduced the IM-ContentsSearch using the Solr and customers consulting Group Belonging at the time of…

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Apache Solr & IM-ContentsSearch

Hello. I Ōnishi of the Development Headquarters. recently held, Apache Solr of our Consulting team Kiyoshi announced at the Open intra-mart study meeting and material of IM-ContentsSearch…

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