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In this Cookbook, available from intra-mart Accel Platform 2019 Spring, leveraging "my search condition" function in the matter list screen, is introduced application example to create a bookmark to the arbitrary another condition.

And My search condition?
"list matter" From - "narrowing-down conditions" - "registered as a new My search condition" (diagram (1)), you can create any search criteria.
Registered by the search condition can be selected in "select My search condition" (diagram (2)).


By bookmark each registered My search criteria page, it is possible to easily transition to for each the matter search condition specified as shown in the following figure page.
(can register the bookmark from the icon on intra-mart at the top right corner of the screen)


Utilization example of My search condition in this article all Unprocessed matter.

Selection Example 1: Process Expiration

By setting Process Expiration Date, it is possible to create and manage bookmark for each deadline.

That process expiration date is set at the end of the month to create "at the end of this month deadline list" etc.
Management of expiration is useful for the user that handles many important matter (related Example: settlement to etc).

Selection Example 2: priority level

By setting priority, you can create and manage bookmark in the target, normal and low priority.

By together matter with high priority and save it to the bookmark
"list matter of great urgency that" Can be created.
Is useful for the user who has and important sorting priority level to handle many matter.

Selection Example 3: Process Authorized

In process authorized items, you can select person or delegatee.
You can create and manage bookmark such as "task list to be treated as delegatee" by delegatee setting is set to ON person setting to OFF.
Is useful when (example: secretary to approve on behalf of the company president etc) often make delegatee.



My search condition, various usage can be considered to the sample example other than presented in this article.
Moreover, you will be able to manage the application in bookmark squeezed further conditions by combining sample cases.
"my search condition" Take advantage function.




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